DISC Hosts Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Classes

DECATUR – The Macon County Health Department is offering free classes to help residents deal with chronic health conditions starting Wednesday, June 17.

Classes will be held at the Decatur Indoor Sports Center, located at 1295 West Wood Street in Decatur.

This program is designed to enable those affected by chronic health conditions to better manage their health and symptoms. These classes will cover topics including: working with your doctor, problem solving and dealing with negative emotions. Participants can also gain tips on how to improve their diets and exercise.

The classes are two and a half hours in a weekly session. Sessions take place from 12:30 PM to 3 PM on Wednesdays. Classes will last six weeks, and they are free to the public. Family members and caregivers are encouraged to attend as well.

Those interested should contact Marisa Moomey, by phone at 217-423-6988 or by email at mmoomey@maconcountyhealth.org.

Additional class series will be held in the future.

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