Trial for man accused of murdering wife will begin Monday

DECATUR--After Chad Cutler's preliminary hearing this morning, his formal trial will go on as scheduled, with jury selection slated to begin Monday.

Cutler faces three first-degree murder charges for allegedly drowning his wife, Lisa, in the bathtub of their home in April of 2012.

He was arrested on those charges more than a year later, after an investigation lead by Illinois State Police concluded that death of the Spanish teacher at Decatur's Eisenhower High School was a homicide.

In October of last year, Judge James Coryell ruled that hearsay would be admissible as evidence in Cutler's trial, allowing witnesses to testify about comments Lisa made to them about her husband's alleged abuse and her desire to get a divorce.     

At Wednesday's hearing, Cutler's defense lawyer argued that witnesses speaking about Cutler's actions after his wife's death should only be allowed to comment on cutler's behavior and not draw conclusions about what those actions might suggest about his emotional state of mind.

Judge Coryell said he will determine whether that evidence is admissible when it is presented in context at the trial next week.

The trial is expected to run through the following Wednesday, with closing arguments scheduled to be made June 24th.

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