Summer Reading Programs Great Way to Help Keeps Mentally Active

 Springfield - Whether it's an adventure with Miss Frizzle on the Magic School Bus, or reading exercises on the computer, summer reading programs can be very beneficial for children of all ages.

"Reading a good book takes you anywhere you want to go.  If for summer time you're not going to get to go on that big trip, you can take a trip to mars if you want to," said Phyllis Barnard, who is the youth services manager at Springfield's Lincoln Library.

Barnard said that reading is a great way to keep your mind energized for the summer.

"Well if you don't keep your mind active through the summer, it gets a little stagnant.  I think reading through the summer keeps your brain going and keeps it more active," she added.

Even if it's just children taking a few minutes each day to read their favorite comic book, it's still helping keep their minds active this summer to break a mental sweat, something that will really help when school starts again in the fall.

"You should always find time somewhere in the day to just sit and take a break.  And it's just a good thing for the family.  It's a good get-together for families," said Barnard.

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