Central Illinois Continuing to Lead in Agriculture Industry

 DECATUR- One more step to leading the way for innovation in  Farming and Agriculture. Preparing the next generation of Agriculture manufacturing leadership.

FARM Illinois, Food and Agricultural Roadmap for Illinois, is planning on propelling central Illinois' resources into a global entity.

Partnerships between 150 stakeholders including Chicago Community Trust and ADM will serve as credible financial support for Illinois to once again lead the way in innovative Farming and Agriculture.

FARM Illinois Leadership Council Chairman, Robert Easter said, "We've got tremendous natural resources in a world that's being starved, water is becoming a major issue, we have water in Illinois. We have the natural resources to produce the commodities.

Possibilities are endless for the state of Illinois after the nine month long strategy has been disseminated. 

Vice President of State and Government Relations for ADM Greg Webb said, "Some outcomes we expect could propel frankly, and draw agriculture enterprise to the state."

Goals could bring to fruition local food markets and high demand supply chains for Central Illinois products. 

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