Payless Pay Days Coming For State Workers

Decatur – Unionized state workers face a big hit at the end of the month.  A hit that could jeopardize their July 15th paycheck.

“Certainly makes me wonder how I'm going to make my mortgage payment,” Benjamin Haynes said during a rally sponsored by AFSCME Council 31 in Decatur on Thursday.

State contracts expire June 30th.  Since there is no budget agreement between Governor Bruce Rauner and lawmakers there will be no money to pay state employees starting July 1st opening the possibility of weeks of payless pay days.

“We're certainly hoping to bargain in good faith beyond the expiration so we can reach a fair agreement,” union spokesperson Renee Nestler told WAND Capitol reporter Doug Wolfe.  “But it shouldn't be on the backs of state employees to fix all of the states fiscal woes.”

The legislature and the governor are still at an impasse.  Lawmakers don't return to work until June 16th.

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