Supplying The Community With Local Products

 MT. ZION- Serving locally grown produce while stimulating the surrounding area's economy. In it's first year the Farmer's Market at the Heroic Age Art's center in Mt. Zion, hopes to offer a wide range of items all with one thing in common, items that are crafted or grown locally.

From fresh cut strawberries that almost melt in your mouth they are so ripe to chocolate mint a guilt free indulgence. All of this and more is available every Thursday from 3:30- 7 p.m.

Manager of the the Farmer's Market in Mt.Zion Susan Russotti said, "Right now we have onions and greens..but they'll be tomato's, cucumbers and zucchini's and we are going to go all the way into pumpkins, my favorite season ...there should be something for everyone."

The farmer's market at the arts center will be held every Thursday evening now until October 15th. 
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