Dem's Fire Back At Governor Rauner

Decatur – Democratic lawmakers are firing back at Governor Bruce Rauner.

On Friday the governor announced $420 million in planned cuts if a budget deal is not in place by the start of the next fiscal year on July 1st.  The Governor also spent much of last week traveling the state and visiting cities like Decatur to attack Democrats for giving him an unbalanced budget.

State Senator Andy Manar, (D) Bunker Hill, and State Representative Sue Scherer, (D) Decatur, called on the governor to compromise on a budget while at a local senior center on Monday morning.  The lawmakers say the Rauner administrations proposed cuts unfairly fall on the middle class, seniors, healthcare providers, children and veterans.

“I stand with working families and the middle class,” said Representative Scherer.  “We the middle class are what drive this state.”

“The governor's cuts would force thousands of seniors out of their homes and into more expensive institutionalized care,” stated Senator Manar.

Senator Manar also says the budget presented by the governor in February was also in the red.  “It was $2.2 billion dollars that was fictional savings that the governor relied on to claim his budget was balanced.”

Governor Rauner's office responded saying, “It's time for Senator Manar and Representative Scherer to choose to work for the middle class instead of teaming with Speaker (Mike) Madigan to protect the political class at the expense of the most vulnerable.”

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