Jury selected for Cutler murder trial


DECATUR--Twelve Macon County jurors were selected Monday for the trial of a Central Illinois man accused of killing his wife. 

Chad Cutler is accused of drowning his wife, Lisa Cutler, in their Mt. Zion home in April of 2012.

The judge says hearsay from her friends and family will be allowed as evidence in the case, allowing witnesses to testify about Lisa's allegations of abuse at the hands of her husband and her fears that he would kill her.

"The theory behind it is that the perpetrator of a crime actually made a witness unavailable. So how can that person who made the witness unavailable complain about testimony from the unavailable witness when he or she secured the unavailability?" said Steve Beckett, director of Trial Advocacy at the Illinois College of Law. "It literally is speaking from the grave."

Three alternate jurors  will be selected Tuesday morning and the trial could get started by Tuesday afternoon

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