Decatur City Council Applying Changes To Administrative Court

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DECATUR – The Decatur City Council announces a series of additions to the City's administrative court following a two-month public review of the system.

A new public database will be implemented to provide residents 24 hour access to property related information, which will include code violations. The database will also offer a voluntary registration system for property owners. This system will be able to notify owners if their property is cited for a violation. The four day courtesy letter of notification that calls for the problem to be fixed is being extended to give owners four business days notice.

First-time administrative court offenders will soon have the option to enter an education-based first offense alternative program in lieu of paying a citation fine.

These database and registration programs are expected to be operational by early July.

Developments of the system come as a result of property owners raisin questions about the operations of the administrative court. This system is designed to give owners enhanced methods of notification for violations prior to being cited.

The city staff is continuing to regularly review the system internally with public review happening at a minimum of every two years.

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