Heyworth recovering after flash floods

HEYWORTH - Many homeowners in Heyworth had no choice but to throw away furniture.  Fields of grass turned into ponds.  The rain fell too fast for the public drains.

"You couldn't really walk outside without being blasted from the sides," said resident Cassandra Sawyer.

The rain poured in at about 4:30PM Sunday.  The village engineer says he hasn't seen anything like it.

"The rain came down somewhere between 4 and half to 5 inches in about a one hour period, which was considerably more than we'd ever expect to see," said David Shafer.  "Just off the chart."

The flooding destroyed Cassandra's water heater.

"Anything that we need to do that requires hot water, doing dishes, things like that, we're just boiling water on the stove," she said.

The storm even ruined the carpet of the church next door.

"The basement flooded in the fellowship hall so much so that some gentlemen from our church tried to get a sump pump to pump it all out and they couldn't get it," said Sawyer.

Some residents question why the drains couldn't handle the job.  

"We design based on IDOT guidelines which would be for a 10 or 25 year storm," said Shafer.  "This was more than a 100-year storm event in terms of intensity so it was just more than we designed for.  It's more than we have the capacity to handle."

He says the village may consider redesigning the system, but that could take a lot of time and money.  In the meantime, Cassandra waits to learn when her church will be able to re-open.

"I honestly don't know," she said.  "My pastor hasn't even discussed that.  We had to cancel services last night to be able to come in and try to clean up some of the damage that we could.

The storm did not cause any reported injuries.

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