Decatur Police Make Arrest in Huck’s Armed Robbery

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DECATUR – Decatur Police say they have made an arrest in the armed robbery that occurred on June 2, 2015 at the Huck's Gas Station at 204 North 22nd Street.

Detectives reported they arrested Michael W. Harris in Bloomington, Illinois on June 15. They were investigating Harris for an unrelated crime involving a stolen vehicle when information developed that Harris had committed the armed robbery at Huck's. Harris admitted in an interview with detectives that he committed the armed robbery at the gas station.

He provided Decatur Police Detectives with a detailed confession of the crime along with his involvement. The incident on June 2 involved the suspect, now identified as Harris, robbing the gas station at gunpoint and fleeing the scene.

Michael Harris was booked into the Macon County Jail and charged with armed robbery.

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