Macon County Voter Registration ID Cards Arriving Soon

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MACON COUNTY – Voters in Macon County will soon receive new voter registration ID cards in the mail.

The election authority is required under Illinois election law to mail voter registration ID cards every two years to assist in updating voter registration rolls. These new cards will be lime green as opposed to the yellow versions sent out in 2013.

The vendor runs the voter list against the national change of address listings to keep track of voters and cut costs in mailing cards. If a voter moves within Macon County, a new card will be sent to the voter's new address through the County Clerk's Office. Voters who move outside Macon County will be removed from the voting rolls in Macon County.

Residents who receive a voter ID card for an individual that no longer lives at that address should contact voter registration staff at 217-424-1333.

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