Emotional day of testimony kicks off Cutler trial

DECATUR--An emotional day of testimony on the first day Chad Cutler's murder trial. Cutler is accused of drowning his wife, Lisa, three years ago in their Mt. Zion home.

Chad Cutler told authorities the night his wife died, they went to bed around 10 PM. Lisa complained about back problems a short while later and decided to take a bath, while Chad fell asleep.

Around 12:30 in the morning, Chad says he woke up and found her submerged in their bathroom tub. He claims to have then took her out of the tub, performed CPR, and called 911.

Tuesday afternoon, that 911 call was played in court, during which Chad asked the dispatcher how many first responders would be arriving at his home, and if they could come in quietly. so as to not wake up his two children.

Some of those first responders also took to the stand to describe their response to the Cutler home, where they found Chad waiting for them outside, asking them not to let the cats out or wake his kids.

The emergency responders said when they went inside, they found the master bed completely made, while Lisa was lying on the bathroom floor.

Her hair slightly was dry, the bathtub was drained, with only a little water on the bathroom floor.

Lisa was pale, cool to the touch, did not have a pulse and was not breathing.

“When you have a younger person, their bodies are more resilient. Their bodies can last longer without oxygen. So we try to, we work them a little bit longer because they have a better chance at bouncing back then let's say an 80 or 90 year old,” said Brian Evans, a paramedic with the Decatur Ambulance Service. “But she was completely dead when we got there.”

Emergency room nurses at St. Mary's Hospital, who worked on Lisa once she arrived there, also took the stand to describe Chad's demeanor as flat and lacking emotion.

Lisa's brother, David Ransdell, also took to the stand to testify about caring for the Cutlers' two young children, while Chad took a trip to Moldova to meet another woman three months after Lisa's death.

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