Saying Goodbye to your Animal in Style

Springfield- Saying goodbye to the family pet once meant an impromptu funeral in the backyard. These days, a pet owner can send them off in style. 

At the Roselawn Memorial Park in Springfield families pay to have their domestic animals cremated or buried in a casket.

The President of Roselawn Memorial Park, Chris Butler said, "at Roselawn we had some land available specifically for pet burial."

Teresita Gonzalez took advantage of the services. Her dog Chico lost his battle with Lymphoma on September 26, 2014. Gonzalez had him frozen for four days and  he was buried on a Tuesday at the Roselawn Pet Cemetery. 

"He looked like Lion King. It was beautiful," Gonzalez said.

Mike Haldeman, the Director of Cemetery Operations at Roselawn Memorial Park, was there to assist Gonzalez every step of the way. The pet cemetery offers animal caskets and plaques to lay at the gravesite.

"As transit as the world is today and to leave your beloved dog. . . in the backyard and you're moving away, Roselawn gives them that answer where they can come back and remember," Haldeman said.

The pet cemetery is shedding light on a new trend going on around the U.S. and it's a trend that some pet lovers are interested in.

Gonzalez said it gives you "a positive outlook and think I may see him someday."

For more information on the Roselawn Pet Cemetery call (217) 525-1661.
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