Strengthening Relationships for A Stronger Community

 DECATUR- Addressing sensitive issues for a  better  community with better relationships.

Its a concern across the country race relations and police and community engagement.

Grow Decatur an initiative to move Decatur forward and better the area, focused on the topic of relationships at their second to last workshop.

Co-leader of Grow Decatur, Bruce Nims said, "Other issues that were brought up when discussing weaknesses in our community was that not enough people from all the different groups contributing and participating."

Sparking the need to offer a chance for concerns to be voiced by the community. Especially, police and community relations.

Lieutenant Jason Walker said, "We try to be very open, the department tries to be as transparent as possible. We attend numerous meetings, whether its neighborhood meetings, neighborhood watch meetings. We're trying to be as actively involved in the community as possible."

Event attendees voiced concerns regarding honest dialogue among community members and that the success of Grow Decatur's initiatives rely on strong relationships.
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