Chad Cutler Trial Continues in Decatur

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DECATUR – Prosecutors called a second expert witness to the stand in the murder trial of Chad Cutler.

Cutler is accused of killing his wife, Lisa, in 2012.

Dr. Craig Nelson, a Forensic Pathologist, testified Lisa Cutler's cause of death was a drowning but the manner of her death was consistent with a homicide.

Dr. Nelson said the reasoning behind his conclusion was that neurologically intact, sober adults don't drown in bathtubs.

Lisa Cutler also had no history of seizure disorders.

Doctors say Ms. Cutler had a lower level of an anti-anxiety drug in her system, which can cause seizures when patients go through withdrawal. But Dr. Nelson said Ms. Cutler would have been achy, nauseous, and vomiting before suffering such a seizure.

Nelson also pointed to bruises and wounds that Lisa Cutler had on her hips, elbows, and head as further proof that she did not drown.

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