Neighbors, co-workers testify in Cutler trial

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DECATUR--More riveting evidence in testimony in the trial for Chad Cutler, accused of drowning his wife in their Mt. Zion home in 2012. 

Neighbors testified that Lisa Cutler feared if her husband didn't kill her, he would seriously hurt her. So she planned to take her kids and move to California. 

But on the last day before her death, Lisa's co-workers at Eisenhower High School say she was happy and upbeat, which was rare. 

In the days immediately after her drowning, neighbors and a former co-worker of Chad's say he openly shared details about how he found Lisa in their bathtub, saying it wasn't a pretty sight and that he knew she was dead when he pulled her out.

Those who worked on her funeral arrangements also took to the stand, saying that when Chad brought them clothes to bury Lisa in, they were covered with hair and looked like they had  been pulled from dirty laundry. 

"I said to him I was very sorry about his wife's passing," said Jennifer Michel, the office manager at Dawson & Wikoff. "And he just kind of, he had his sunglasses on the whole time. He never took them off. And just kind of said 'uh-huh.' And then I said, 'I'm very sorry, I understand you have small children. I'm very sorry that they lost their mother. And then he said, 'well they're young, they'll get over it.'"

Michel went on to testify that when Chad left the funeral home, he called back minutes later to tell her that she was absolutely beautiful and that her husband is a lucky man.

Meanwhile, another neighbor testified that when introducing herself to Chad at Lisa's visitation, his response was "I know who you are, you're the hot mom."

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