Sending Messages Of Love Across The Nation

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 DECATUR- One local church is sending messages of support across the country to those in South Carolina.

The sounds of hymns filled the air as pastors from across the country encouraged members of St. Peter's African Methodist Episcopal Church in Decatur to remember the lives that were lost to the tragic shooting Wednesday evening in a sister parish in Charleston, S.C.

Pastor Vivian Clarington said, "We are unifying tonight for one healing and we are trying to let the world know as believers in one lord and one faith an done baptism can come together peacefully and unite."

Community members from neighboring churches arrived to join the prayer vigil that encouraged mourning but forgiveness even for the alleged shooter and his family.

Arnita Hardman said, "We want to come together to let everyone know that everybody matters. We all count and that our children should be able to grow up in a world with less violence."

The vigil offered a chance for a community to send support and love across the country. 
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