Shelby & Moultrie Soaked With Flash Floods

Findlay – Flash floods sent water racing through agricultural fields in both Shelby and Moultrie counties on Friday.  While flood waters made driving treacherous between Dalton City and Shelbyville.

Heavy rain sent Coon Creek out of its banks and flooded county roads near Allenville.  Streets were flooded and water creeped close to homes in Findlay.

The Shelby County dive team was dispatched twice to the Assumption blacktop near Findlay about a half mile west of Route 128.  At about 7am a Westervelt woman was rescued from the roof of her car after she tried to navigate deep water on the roadway.

At about noon a Decatur woman, 67 year old Terry O'Bryan, tried her luck at the same location with a similar result.  At mid afternoon her car was partially submerged as waters continued to rise.  Neither woman was seriously injured.

Route 128 was impassable at times during the day.  A WAND News crew witnessed a woman with Missouri plates spin off the road and into a ditch.  No injuries in that incident.

(Pictured: A washed out road in Shelby County near Findlay)

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