More Than A Pain In The Neck

 DECATUR- Splitting headaches, achy neck and back..all associated with the latest health concern, text neck.

Specialists are now calling text neck or forward head posture a soon to be epidemic in the world of back and neck pain.

Dr. Elizabeth Paunicka of Decatur Back and Neck said, "The reason why it becomes such a problem in the long haul is because there's changes that develop with the muscles, ligaments and the spine based on that forward head posture."

The average human's head weighs 8 to 12 lbs. and when leaning forward you automatically add twice as much pressure causing long term posture effects that include degenerative changes in the spine, early arthritis, as well as cervical disk issues.

Dr. Paunicka recommends adjusting the height of your tablets or smart phones to your eye level to give your neck a break.

Also, regular visits to a chiropractor if symptoms become worse could alleviate pain and help adjust the spines natural alignment. 

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