Ending Discrimination One Case At A Time

 CHAMPAIGN- Ending discrimination one city at a time.
The city of Champaign, Human Rights Ordinance is set in place to protect victims from illegal discrimination. These incidents include discrimination based on age, sex, race, disability to name a few all involving areas like housing, bank loans and employment.
Community Relations Manager Lyonel LaGrone said, "Nationally the statistic is less than 2% of discrimination is reported. So we want people when they feel that they've been victimized by illegal discrimination to step forward and contact us."
The ordinance offers a step by step claim which eventually ends up in a hearing for the victim.
Many people have no idea that they have even been victims of discrimination.
Esther Patt, Director of Champaign Tenant Union said, " There is a lot of discrimination that does occur and often people dont even know its against the law like when a landlord says, we dont allow more than 1 child in a 2 bedroom apartment. That's against the law but a lot of people don't know that."
For more information to find out if you have been a victim of discrimination head to the city of champaigns website for a full comprehensive list.

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