Cutler trial resumes, testimony centers around divorce and insurance


DECATUR--A man accused of murdering his wife is back in court as week two of the Chad Cutler trial resumed Monday and the Cutler's divorce and insurance policies taken out the week before Lisa Cutler's death was a hot topic in court.

The prosecution had said much of what they need to prove that Chad planned his wife's murder had to do with the insurance policies that were taken out in her name in the days leading up to her death. 

Monday it was revealed that in the week before Lisa's drowning there was a total of five life insurance quotes requested for her and two were actually purchased, $700,000.

For at least one of those accidental death policies Chad's cell phone number was listed as the applicant's contact line.

But many of Lisa's former co-workers at Eisenhower High School testified about how her mood shifted from melancholy to upbeat and cheerful in the weeks before her death because of a life-changing decision she disclosed to one of them only hours before her drowning. 

"She stopped for a minute and said, 'I have decided that I am going to get a divorce and it is going to be, or will be, the words are the same, the best thing that could ever happen for me and my children,'" said Carolyn Slifer, a former substitute teacher at Eisenhower. 

Another co-worker testified that Lisa mentioned the reason the divorce wasn't finalized sooner was because Chad had lost his job. 

The divorce lawyer Lisa had on retainer also took the stand. 

He said the day Lisa died, she called his twice to emphasize how important it was to her that they go forth with the divorce proceedings.

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