Defense kicks off its case in Chad Cutler trial


DECATUR--Prosecutors wrapped up their case Tuesday in the Chad Cutler trial, and now it's the defense's turn. 

Tuesday afternoon, the defense called Lisa Cutler's psychiatrist to the stand in an attempt to prove that Lisa built up a tolerance to an anti-anxiety medication she was taking at the time of her death.  

Dr. Choudary Kavuri started seeing Lisa in 2005.

He says in February of 2012, his office got a call from Lisa saying she was going through a divorce, was taking extra clomazepam-commonly referred to by its brand name klonopin-and ran out of her prescription three days early. 

Prosecutors pointed out Lisa had gone in to see Kavuri a little less than a month prior to that call, which is when she got a 30-day prescription.

But before that, her last appointment was in early December of 2011, which means that if she was taking her medication regularly then, she would've been without klonopin for 19 days before being prescribed more in January.

Two of chad cutler's aunts also testified.

One said that Chad stayed with her when Lisa sought an order of protection against him in February of 2012.

She also said that during the time the order was in place, Lisa called Chad more than 10 times and she overheard their conversations on speakerphone. 

"She wanted him to come home," said Debra Conte, Cutler's aunt. "She didn't want to pursue the divorce." 

Conte later testified that she sat in on a meeting between Lisa and Chad, where they came to an agreement about the terms of their divorce. However, Conte cannot recall whether that happened while the order protection was in place, or after it was dropped. 

The defense is expected to call its final witnesses Wednesday and then proceed to closing arguments. 

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