Win up to $1000 of groceries

DECATUR - Judy Dulaney knows first hand what it's like to be unsure where your next meal comes from.

"Years ago when there was a labor dispute, we were on the other end,” she said reminiscing in a County Market grocery store on Tuesday.  “Where we had to rely on a food pantry."

So when she became the first winner of St. Mary's Hospital Auxiliary Grocery Grab in 2013, her gratitude was unmatched.

"Like oh my gosh I could not believe this,” she said, thinking about the day her raffle ticket was drawn.  “This was quite a blessing, you know."

Now, it's time for someone else to receive the blessing.  The third annual grocery grab is July 3, organized by the St. Mary's Auxiliary and County Market.  The duo will draw a winner and July 3, and later that week the winner gets 3 minutes, one cart, and a chance to stock it with up to $1,000 worth of food.

"I lived off of that shrimp for a long time,” said Dulaney.  “I really enjoyed it."

St. May's Auxiliary president says profits from the raffle go back to the hospital.

"We're raising money to buy scales for people who are in wheelchairs so they don't have to get out of the wheelchairs to be weighed, and it'll be at the adult daycare center where their nutritional needs are determined by their weight," said said Susan Rayhill.

Dulaney chose to share some of the wealth from her winnings.

"We got a big package of hot dogs, and a great big package, and donated those,” she said.

The winner can even come to the store days before their 3-minute grab and map out a plan so they can use every bit of their time wisely.  You can purchase a raffle ticket at the County Market on Grand avenue in Decatur, or you can buy one from the gift shop at St. Mary's Hospital.  They're only 10 dollars.  The winning ticket will be drawn on July 3 at 10am.

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