A $25,000 Win for Mercy Gardens

 DECATUR- From 200 contestants to placing in the top 40 winners list, Mercy Gardens is now the recipient of $25,000 thanks to State Farm and your votes.

For two weeks the leader board for the State Farm Neighborhood Assist competition fluctuated with  community sites across the nation a;; competing for the top 40 spots to receive funds to better their sites and services.

Coming in at 34, Mercy Gardens of The Good Samaritan Inn will now be able to expand their already flourishing community resource.

Executive Director of D.I.G.G, Decatur's Is Growing Gardeners, Olivia Hesiner said, " $25,000 for a small non profit and for a new program we just started last fall is so much money. I can't thank people enough cause this community is amazing with voting grants."

Mercy Gardens Farm Manager Cindy Jackson said, " I wanna see stuff growing everywhere in this town. I wanna get strawberry beds and we need fruit and we need cantaloupe, watermelon. So this money will go a very long way to providing those seeds and those plants and stuff like that."

Having received the state farm grant ADM has also contributed a $7,500 grant to help Mercy Gardens continue to keep growing. 
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