Caterpillar Collaborates with NCSA for Computing Projects

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URBANA-CHAMPAIGN – Caterpillar Inc. announces it will collaborate with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois to host realistic simulations.

The collaboration will conduct high-performance computing (HPC) projects focusing on more realistic simulations that can lead to improved product designs. Caterpillar's simulation research will be hosted on an iForge supercomputer over a three-year period. The NCSA's HPC environment will enhance Caterpillar's product modeling and enabling rapid exploration of large design areas.

Chief Technology Officer and Caterpillar vice president with responsibility for Product Development and Global Technology Gwenne Henricks looks forward to the opportunities offered by the NCSA.

“Working with NCSA, we will gain access to HPC that enables simulation realism, where we can uncover hidden insights on our product designs to feed back to our engineering teams, driving better overall solutions. We also gain access to a high level of talent within NCSA conducting their own simulations, which helps our engineers stretch their imaginations to focus on solutions we could achieve for our own products,” Henricks said.

NCSA Director Ed Seidel is pleased to see NCSA and Caterpillar continue to work together.

“Our long-standing partnership with Caterpillar really exemplifies the enormous potential for the resources and expertise at NCSA to create economic opportunities and impact,” Seidel explains.

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