Patients Saved with LifeVest

Decatur – Chal Bowman of Decatur, 73, was asleep when he went into sudden cardiac arrest.  Ninety five percent of people who suffer sudden cardiac arrest die before emergency help can arrive.  350,000 people in the United States die from it each year.  But Chal lived thanks to his vest.

Bowman was wearing a medical device called a LifeVest which provided an electrical shock that got his heart beating normally again.  A device that is giving people a second chance at life.

“He did have an event compatible with sudden cardiac death and this successfully shocked him and saved his life,” Dr. Jeanne Marie Kairouz told WAND's Doug Wolfe at the Prairie Heart Institute at St. Mary's Hospital.  “It will reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death”

Chal Bowman says the LifeVest saved his life.

“Yep, it's worth every penny,” stated Bowman.  “I wouldn't be here if I didn't have it.”

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