Lisa Cutler's family reacts to guilty verdict


DECATUR--After more than a week of some hard-to-hear testimony and evidence, a verdict was handed down in the Chad Cutler trial Thursday morning. A jury found Chad guilty on three charges of first degree murder for killing his wife, Lisa.

Lisa's brother, David Ransdell, says he takes some comfort from having his suspicions surrounding his sister's death finally confirmed, but there isn't any true relief that can come from this.

For Ransdell, this day is three years in the making. 

"The minute we got the call in California, we knew what had happened," said Ransdell. 

That call came on April 27, 2012, telling him his sister, Lisa, was dead. More than a year later, her husband Chad was arrested for her murder, confirming what Ransdell already believed. 

"Just the timing, just everything, felt completely wrong," said Ransdell. 

After seven days of testimony detailing the Cutler's troubled marriage, Lisa's decision to pursue a divorce, and life insurance policies taken out in her name just days before her death, the jury found Chad Cutler guilty of first degree murder for drowning his wife in their Decatur home. 

"You can't say you're happy because this involved the death of a woman," said Macon County State's Attorney, Jay Scott. "But we're glad that the jury came back with the result that they did."

"It was painful because it brought back what she actually went through," said Ransdell. "She was in the bathtub, she was held under. The last four or five minutes of her life, I know she was thinking about those kids."

Two kids who will grow up with out a mother or father, as Chad faces 20 years to life in prison. 

"I didn't feel any joy really or any real satisfaction," said Ransdell. "Because everybody in the case is a loser. Everybody lost out."

After the loss of a sister and mother whose life was taken by her husband.

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