Stop the Violence For a Better Future

 DECATUR- A violent spring and summer has members in the community rallying to stop the crimes.

Cynthia Driscoll coordinated a 'stop the violence' rally at the intersection of Grand and Union streets just down the road from one of the most recent shooting locations.

Driscoll said, "We're trying to reach the youth this is our future and if we don't stop it now our future has no hope and so hopefully today we can reach at least one person and if we've reached one person I feel like I've done my job."

Many of the shooting arrests that have been made involve young teens an area that concerns many neighbors.

Neighbor, Terry McGee said, " Kids killing kids. We need to stop the violence because other people should not have to keep their kids caged up like animals, elderly people should be able to come out and enjoy themselves nobody can enjoy their freedom."

Community members held up signs and the many honks they received was a sign of support for this vital  cause.
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