Some Agree and Some Are Against Marriage for Same Sex Couples

 DECATUR- It will change more lives than we can imagine. The supreme court ruled to overturn state's banning same sex marriage and caused a weekend of celebration.

Friday the lives of many same sex couples changes forever. Now couples across the nation will be able to enjoy the same amenities and benefits as traditional married couples.

Illinois has had the law in place allowing same sex marriage to occur for more than a year now. We still wanted to know your opinion. 

Reactions from residents included, "I think its the right time for it." 

Some were still concerned saying, " I dont approve of gay marriage at all because God didn't make us that way. According to the bible it says God created man and woman."

For, against or indifferent it wont make a difference anymore. All 50 states will now be required to uphold basic human rights for all.

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