Divine Intervention for State Cuts

Decatur- While some traveled to the capitol to voice their opinions, others in Decatur are asking for divine intervention for lawmakers to save programs for children, the elderly, and the disabled.

A group of about 35 people stood outside of Decatur's DHS Office for prayer on Tuesday.

"Our children, our seniors and our handicap are the most vulnerable groups and we need to be able to help them," said Cheryl Flowers, a Child Care Provider in Macon County.

Flowers has been a child care provider of 25 years. She lead the crowd with passion and faith. All in attendance turned to God in the midst of discussions on cuts at the state capitol. 

"A lot of my children are on a program, so they pay a co-pay. Most of it is by the state. . . I wouldn't be getting any money from the state and the parents can't afford to pay for it," Flowers added.

She added, the co-pay depends on the parent's income. Some may currently pay $50, but if child care programs are slashed, that co-pay amount will go up.

"They can't afford it. Some of them struggle to pay the co-pay. They're making the decisions about should I pay the light bill or buy my children shoes. They are already struggling," said Flowers.

Reverend O.L. Banks has a different perception on the topic.

"The government has came apart right here in Decatur. . . We need to go further than just a parking lot in Decatur. We need to expand. We need to unify and unification is just something I just don't see," said Rev. Banks. "Start with just letting everything come apart and let it build back up."

Rev. Banks added, the way the government is going, that should be a lesson to take nothing for granted. That is because there's nothing guaranteed. He said, the solution is to start over.

"We have to be on the same level. We are not on the same level. You got people who can't pay their utility bills. . . We need to re-diversify ourselves. We need to educate our people better and especially in our black communities," Rev. Banks said.

In the end, it's about not cutting life lines, but saving them.

At the end of the vigil, it was a push to make voices heard. Flowers asked those in attendance to call Gov. Rauner and our state representatives. 
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