Decatur businesses are hiring


DECATUR- "Help Wanted," "Apply Within," and "Now Hiring;" all signs reminding Decatur of employment opportunities.

Decatur's unemployment rate has dropped significantly since last year, sitting at 6%.

President, Economic Development Corporation, Ryan McCrady said, "That's a very, very good sign that we're having jobs available. It's all about how many jobs you have in your community it's all about getting people that live here working here and its all about getting people who work here living here."

One Decatur employment opportunity is looking for full time positions and space is unlimited. 

Office Manager at Decatur Mack, Rose Garner said, "Somebody who wants to work full time..We have full time hours with full benefits, we want somebody who of course can be here on time and everyday, and give us 100% if not 110%."

Signs across town from Domino's to ADM are all offering a reminder the area that Decatur is hiring and the future looks bright with more back to work. 

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