Nurse transforms dining room into patriotic mini-museum


SULLIVAN--Travel to the second floor of Mason Point, a nursing home, and you might think you've encountered a museum. But don't let the decor fool you.

"Actually, [it's] the dining room for the Alzheimer's and Dementia floor of the facilty," said nurse Dan Moschenrose.

But every year, Moschenrose spends many late nights after work transforming the room into a tribute to the United States.

"The inspiration?" said Moschenrose. "Well, I'm a soldier. I'm an American citizen. I fought for this nation in Desert Storm. And I'll do it again if I have to.

That same dedication goes into his decorating: a three phase process. The bunting must be up by Memorial Day. Then come the flags in time for Flag Day. And by the Fourth of July, the history lessons alongside each are hanging.

"This year he added the display cabinets," said Mason Point Administrator, Darin Wall. "It's fun to see it every year. It's neat to see that, and to see the smiles on the residents faces."

"When you see the residents walk through the room, and they see the red, white and blue and their eyes light up, you know that something in their mind is stirring," said Moschenrose. "And that's what I want, i want their minds to stir."

And every time the stars and stripes spark a memory, Moschenrose is reminded why he does it.

"One would talk, it would stir the memory of another one, which would sitr the memory of another one," said Moschenrose. "That brought a tear to my eye."

All because of a dining room that is more than meets the eye, thanks to some red, white, and blue.

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