ISP offering safe travel tips for holiday weekend

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ILLINOIS - Illinois State Police officials are offering several tips that could help keep you and your loved ones safe during the holiday weekend.

Authorities are encouraging residents to avoid drinking and driving, as DUI remains the number one cause of fatal crashes during Independence Day celebrations.  Additionally, ISP troopers will be participating in increased patrols this weekend to watch for and arrest intoxicated drivers.

If you do decide to drink during this holiday weekend, officials say you should designate a sober driver prior to drinking.  You can also call a sober friend or family member, or use a taxi or public transportation to ensure you get home safely.

Authorities also say all motorists should plan a safe way home before attending a celebration, and to alert police immediately if you see a drunk driver on the road.  Residents are also urged to stop impaired individuals from driving home, and to help them make other arrangements to get to where they're going.

Illinois State Police are also urging motorists to follow posted speed limits, wear their seat belts, and to avoid driving distracted.

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