Even More of A Reason to Refill Your Glass


DECATUR- Spilling the success on Decatur's water quality.
The results are in for the 2015 Water Quality Report showing another grade "A" for the cities drinking water.
Supplying more than 80,000 people with drinking water. Compared to bottle water more health benefits exist in tap water including ingredients like fluoride that is shown to protect dental health.
Water Production Supervisor Don Giger said, "we maintain a low residual of chlorine to kill off bacteria and any germs that might be left in the water."
Additives that help keep you healthy as well as a cost effective product safe for you bank account too.
Giger said, "Absolutely cheaper, in some cases 100th of the cost of tap water and we think that tap water is just as good."
More information on the results of the report can be found at www.decaturil.gov or pamphlets are available at the South water Treatment plant and Civic Center.

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