Shaun Livingston Returns to Central Illinois with Larry O'Brien Trophy


PEORIA-- Golden State Warriors guard Shaun Livingston was back in central Illinois Friday. Livingston visited his alma mater, Peoria Central, with the Larry O'Brien Trophy in hand.

"It means a work 29 years for an accomplishment like this," said Livingston.

Livingston was drafted 4th overall by the LA Clippers in 2004 after leading Peoria Central to two state titles.  Since then it's been a roller coaster ride. It looked like his career was over in 2007 when he suffered a gruesome knee injury. Eight years later, Livingston says being able to bring the championship trophy back to his hometown is something he'll never forget.

"To be here in front of my grandfather and my dad, the man who put the ball in front of my hands, and to hold the ultimate feels good."

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