Possible Price Gouging for Gas Prices Holiday Weekend


CHAMPAIGN- The possibility of price gouging has politicians and consumers concerned.
With the holiday weekend approaching gas prices are sure to fluctuate but Senator Chapin Rose of the 51st District was shocked when he saw a jump in price in 30 seconds.
He said," Literally filling up my tank of gas when all the sudden 3 gas stations all within a couple blocks of each other, 2 out of the 3 raised their prices over $0.30. I mean $0.30 in 30 seconds, I get the fact that the price is driven by demand. And more people on the road for the holiday we all expect prices to go up."
Up a significant amount in a very short time frame was a surprise for many. We asked people at gas stations in Mahomet, IL and responses varied. 
"You know there is no national crisis or oil tanker problem but you know we do have the 4th of July weekend and its a big travel weekend for everybody in North America so I think it's just corporate greed."
"Quite honestly I don't think its too bad right now."
Sen. Rose filed a complaint to the Attorney General's office urging an investigation on the possibility of price gouging. 
To do so yourself you can visit the link below and send a consumer complaint.

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