Celebrating the 4th of July in the Soy City


DECATUR- Celebrating 4th of July in the Soy City brought out hot weather and rides.
The holiday that conveniently fell on a Saturday gave the Chicago classic, In the Park new meaning as music could be heard from Soul Purpose as crowds gathered for the fore to the floor car show.
Mike Machlan said, "I just like showing my car off and its become a tradition to come down here for the 4th of July."
Decatur Park District offered a chance for families to get up early and celebrate the day with the Staley Fire Cracker Run. More than 300 people attended the run.
Park District Rec. Supervisor Gabrielle Cliff said, "I think its important to have things to do in Decatur we don't have a lot, a lot to do but do have little stuff and this run I think everybody loves it."
Free concerts and food vendors were available all day and the anticipation for the annual Nelson fireworks show was bringing the crowds.

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