Life in the Fast Lane


SPRINGFIELD- Racing on Lake Springfield for a chance to qualify for the U.S Title Series National Championship.
From boats racing at 70 mph to professionals lapping each other at speeds of 120 mph, the U.S.Title Series race was a chance for the best of the boating world to show their skills.
JJ Walls has more than 17 national championship titles credited to him and he is going after one more this year.
Walls said, "Nationals is just like the race where its the best of the best are there and really every race we run is kinda like a nationals cause we are such a close group."
Like with other racing sports, the boat races are based off of a points system therefore, every 'heat' or round that is raced the winner gets a certain amount of points to be tacked on for a chance to win nationals which is at the end of July.
Drivers from New York, Florida, Minnesota all gathered in Springfield, IL to test the waters and their ability to lap the longest.

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