CWLP officials offering several programs to help customers save money and energy

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SPRINGFIELD - City Water, Light and Power officials say they are offering several assistance programs aimed at helping residential and commercial customers save money and energy.

Officials say one of the services being offered by CWLP is a money-back home energy audit.  For a one-time $25 fee, an audit will be conducted at a customer's home or business.  During the audit, officials will search the building for inefficiencies that may be costing the customer money.  

After the audit, the customer will be given information about recommended improvements and available rebates.  Should the customer make any or all of the improvements listed in the audit report within one year and complete a follow-up audit, the customer will receive their $25 back in the form of a rebate.

Additionally, CWLP officials say they offer "Smart Solutions" Home Efficiency Workshops, commercial facility technical assistance, and general technical assistance for homes or businesses.  For more information on these programs, or to make an appointment for a home energy audit, call (217) 789-2070 or email

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