LLCC Academy of Lifelong Learning Announces Annual Kickoff for July 30

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SPRINGFIELD – The Lincoln Land Community College Academy of Lifelong Learning (ALL) will hold its annual kickoff event on Thursday, July 30 at the Trutter Center of LLCC’s Springfield campus.

This kickoff will include presentations by current interest groups in the organization. The Membership Committee will be assisting those interesting in becoming members.

The Academy of Lifelong Learning offers educational opportunities to community members age 50 and older. Members can plan and present classes and activities to other members. This allows members to meet friends, share ideas and explore topics that interest them. ALL members are allowed unlimited attendance at their choice of activities.

These activities can range from lecture and discussion programs focusing in certain concentrations to interest groups such as book clubs to recreational sports. ALL also offers popular programs such as Breakfast Roundtable and Wander on Wednesday for a nominal fee.

This event will be held at 5250 Shepherd Road in Springfield. Doors open at 9:30 AM, and refreshments will be provided. The kickoff is open to the public and anyone interested in becoming a member. More information about ALL is available by calling 217-786-2431 or by visiting the link here.

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