County Picks Up Blue Mound Police Contract


Blue Mound – The days of small towns having police departments may soon be a thing of the past as budgets get tighter.  In Macon County the sheriff’s office has filled the void.

“We’re saving $34,000 a year,” Village President Kenny Ervin told WAND’s Doug Wolfe. 

Blue Mound is phasing out its police chief position and allowing the sheriff to handle law enforcement on a contractual basis.  Deputy Justin Pinckard will be working in Blue Mound along with Blue Mound police officer Greg Just.

“We’re here for them and we want them to know that,” Pinckard stated. 

Pinckard is already in the Blue Mound community meeting with residents.  Erivn is impressed with the steps Deputy Pinckard is already taking.

“He stops along the street and talks to everyone,” Ervin said.

“We believe the new officer we’re sending down here is community policing oriented,” said Sheriff Tom Schneider.  “We feel we’re going to be able to serve this community for today and years to come.”

Forsyth, Argenta and other communities have similar agreements with the sheriff’s office.  Blue Mound plans to use the first year savings for needed work at its water treatment facility.

(Pictured: Deputy Justin Pinckard)

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