Two People Die in Morning Crash on Route 121


Heman - The crash happened on Route 121 in the tiny town of Heman, which is located between Warrensburg and Latham.

Macon County sheriff's deputies said that the 911 emergency call came in just after 8:30 A.M. and that help responded as quickly as possible.

"Latham fire and Warrensburg fire was both on the scene.  They identified that the vehicles were fully engulfed and worked hard to put the fires out," said Macon County sheriff's sergeant Scott Flannery.

Witnesses said the early morning crash was terrifying.

"By the impact of the two vehicles it had already caught on fire and slid across the street in flames," said one passerby.

Just moments after the crash one passerby caught video of the fire.

"It was the worst noise I'd ever heard in my life when it exploded."

For one man, who saw what happened, he told WAND News the only reaction he had after seeing it was to go and try to help those who were hurt.

"My adrenaline kicked in and i just started tearing the truck up and trying to put the fire out and get the guy out if he had any chance of survival," said Beau Cunningham.

The sheriff's office has been unable to identify the victims due to the amount of burn damage to the vehicles.

Once they're able to, they will contact family members before releasing that information.

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