The Next Step in Cancer Treatment


DECATUR- Congress is hoping to pass a bill that could make battling cancer not as difficult. New treatments could be approved and accessible for all cancer patients.
The 21st Century Cures Act is currently being considered in Congress. The act would in essence provide the latest cancer treatment a reality for many battling the disease.
Cancer Care Specialists of Central Illinois, Oncologist Benjamin Esparaz said, "It is not going to be a treatment based on cancer but its going to be a treatment of what kind of molecular mutation, abnormalities present on that specific cancer then find the right drug to attack the cancer."
The treatment is called Targeted Treatment and instead of a trial and error as cancer treatment history shows, this method tailors the treatment to the patients specific needs and cancer while also minimizing side effects.
Dr.Esparaz said, "the patient will have less side effects because the normal cells are not affected by the drug and you specifically targeting the cancer cell and killing the cancer cell so the outcome of cancer control and cure may be higher."
The Act still being considered by Congress,  also includes additional funding for the National Institute of Health to meet FDA standards and continue the research of cancer and attempting to find the cure. 

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