Eagle Creek 6 Years Later


Findlay – Shuttered 6 years ago this month civic leaders in Moultrie and Shelby counties will be trying to once again find a way to reopen the Eagle Creek Resort in Findlay.

After the resort first opened in 1988 it pumped tens of thousands of tourism dollars into the central Illinois economy.  Towns and villages would like to turn that money faucet back on.

The resort closed by court order on July 14, 2009 due to a mold problem.  Decatur developers tried to solve the mold problem before walking away from the project in early 2014 in a dispute with the state.  It is feared mold may be spreading throughout the Eagle Creek Resort since there is no operating air conditioning in the facility.  Most of the walls in the facility have been removed and the structure is stripped down to its studs.

In the meantime, local communities are forming a task force to try and come up with ideas on what should be done with the facility while trying to keep pressure on the state to act.  A study looking at uses for the resort is currently stalled during the state budget crisis.

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