Mercy Gardens Growing Graduates


DECATUR- Mercy Gardens graduated its first class ever Friday night. Students have been working tirelessly in the gardens since March to be apart of this prestigious moment.
Mercy Gardens has been helping to feed the community of Decatur through providing food to the Good Samaritan Inn, but without the help of the programs students the 800 lbs of food probably wouldn't have made it to the kitchen.
Instructor Cindy Jackson describes what graduating from the program means for her and her former students.
Jackson said," For them it means jobs, it means money for me it means food for everybody for people who can or cannot get to a fresh source of local produce."
And for graduates like Milton Barbee and Randi Keaton it means a second chance.
One of the programs first volunteers turned student and now graduate Barbee said, "If it wasn't for Rev. Stacey and The Good Samaritan Inn I wouldn't even be here I would still be somewhere roaming the streets."
Graduate Randi Keaton added, "This turned into employment for me I went through the Mercy Kitchens program and I figured growing the food is directly related to cooking the food so I got into that."
Both Randi and Milton were hired for apprentice positions at the Inn.

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