School Of Rock This Summer In Decatur


DECATUR- Rocking the week away the First Gig Rock n Roll camp showcased their concert they have been practicing for. Soon to be famous bands, Bleached, The Imres and Sik Individuallz brought the crowds out to Eisenhower high school Saturday afternoon.
Director Mike Schoneman calls it Rock n Roll boot camp. Teaching kids 10-17 years old the basics and ending with a full blown concert and set list. 
Madison Lourash, lead bass and vocals for Sik Individuallz said, "It was so impressive to see some of these kids you know they had just started playing or they'd only been playing a few  months and just seeing them.. from only being able to know a few cords to be able to know an entire set list and be able to perform tonight i personally think that is very impressive i think its just an amazing thing to see."
Varying levels of experience made the camp a worth while venture for these kids who committed to a week long boot camp all for the love of music.
In a time when the arts aren't given much support in school being able to have experience with professional musicians from Decatur and surrounding areas gave these kids a new hope for their talents.
Frances Heldon, Lead Singer for The Imres said,"It's really influenced me a lot to do everything that i can to go far with this. I wanna do what I love someday."

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