Illinois Comptroller processes checks for state workers


ILLINOIS - No budget? No pay for state workers?  George Hansbrough's granddaughter, who works for the state's Department of Corrections, has been asking this question for weeks.

"She doesn't know if she's going to get a paycheck," said the Decatur resident.

She got her answer on Thursday after a St. Clair County judge ruled in favor of state workers, arguing that the state violates the Constitution by not paying them. That judge has ordered the Illinois comptroller to fully pay state workers despite the fact that Governor Bruce Rauner has not signed a fiscal 2016 budget.  As the office begins processing checks, staff expect them to be delivered on July 15.

"We can not do without a check week by week,” said Decatur resident Travor Hammond.  “Bills are tight.  Everyone's got a lot of bills to pay on a weekly basis, and it's going to be really hard to miss a check."

The office of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan will soon decide if it should appeal the St. Clair judge's ruling.  Madigan argues that paying state workers in full goes against the Illinois Constitution.

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