Child Living with Cerebral Palsy Overcomes Adversities to Paint

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EFFINGHAM – She's the next Van Gogh... defying all the odds of cerebral palsy and then some, Lily Drake is the next big thing to hit the art scene.

Lily Drake was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was born and doctors didn’t know if she would ever move her hands or show emotion but Lily has been doing much more.

Lily's father Daniel Drake said, "From when we were told that she's not going to be able to do stuff to where she's wanting to paint when she has good days. It's really amazing to see."

Lily soon to be 4 on Tuesday, has been painting small canvases with her hands that caught the attention of the founder of Roses from Linda a non-for-profit that aids families in travels and medical finances, TJ Hodges spotted Lily's Facebook page and couldn’t believe how strong she was.

Hodges said, "I saw Lily on Facebook and fell in love with her. She is so inspiring the things that she goes through every day. It just lets people see that you know you shouldn’t give up on things if you think you're having a bad day reconsider."

TJ's charity was sought out by a production company in New York City who wanted to throw an art show outing, The Long Island City Food and Flea will not only bring in funds for the many families TJ helps but Lily's art work will be one of the featured exhibits.

Daniel Drake said, "Lily agreed again that we would make a few paintings and so we're very blessed that TJ is going to send those to New York with him."

Lily continues to defy the doctor's expectations... she is learning to walk and when she finds the time is busy creating more masterpieces.

To find out more about Lily you can visit her Facebook page:

For information on Roses From Linda, follow this link:

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