Rain Brings An Army Of Ants


Sullivan – Like the uninvited guests that show up for picnics ants are raiding homes as they seek refuge from the heavy rains and flooding in central Illinois.

“June is the best month I’ve ever had since I’ve been open in fourteen years,” Rob Young owner of Moultrie County Pest Control told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “The ants are coming up out of the ground.”

Young says he has handled more than 170 pest control calls just in the last 3 weeks.  For Wednesday this week he has 18 visits scheduled to homes in the Sullivan area.

Young sprays the foundations of homes, indoor baseboards and gutters.

“You’ve got to stop that trail outside and if you don’t stop that trail on the outside you’re just going to have a problem.  I don’t care what you use,” he stated.

Young has 16 years of experience in the best control business.  (Pictured: Rob Young spraying a home in Sullivan.)

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